Sabtu, 16 April 2011

Manchester United

i wanna story about my favorite club (football) and that is Manchester United:

i like this club since i still elementary school about grade 4th. but it not yet visible, and my friends also don't know i like MU. i want to share some photos, the player of Manchester United! check this out:

that's several of MU's player. maybe next time i'll share it again.
about why i like MU so much. don't ask me bcs i don't know why. maybe from manner they played or anything. once again! from their clothes! like flag of Indonesia. that's right? red and white xoxo <3
LOL that just kidding bcs i'm confused wanna talk about MU. what else? oh yeah i ever ask my mom like this:
Me: 'mom, can you buy clothes MU but back of clothes there my name and number 13? hahaha'
Mom: 'seriously? do you want it?'
Me: 'seriously mom! i want it so much. please!!!'
Mom: 'i'll buy and give to you but you also give me your good score!'
oh my god my mom always said that. it's make me stressed (-_-)
i extracted to buy the jacket i ever meet at mall. but i already buy 1 clothes so my mom said: 'you can't buy that jacket bcs you already buy this clothes. thats your risk!'
however, i really wanted!!!
ok, i think this is enough see you again!

(i'm sorry if my grammar so bad. because i only human can't never perfect LOL) -_-